Gund - Snuffles - Original Signed Watercolor - Beach Scene

Gund - Snuffles - Original Signed Watercolor - Beach Scene


$ 600.00 $ 1,500.00


  Purchased directly from artist - this is an original opaque watercolor, measuring 18 x 24.  Painting depics Gund's Snuffles with friends on the beach.   This is definitely one of a kind and would look fabulous framed.   About the artist: 

Stewart Sherwood, a native of Toronto, Canada, is a self-taught artist who has mastered such various and demanding media as oil paint, watercolor, gouache, marker and pastel. His professional awards are as diverse as his artistic talents. Mr. Sherwood has earned a variety of high-profile awards in the field of limited edition collectible art. He has created portraits of such notable world leaders as Pope John Paul II, Menachem Begin, John F. Kennedy, Anwar Sadat, and Pierre Trudeau; designs for Christmas cards; promotions for public television; magazine illustrations, and even a painting for the President of France.