Apple Whimsey - Gone Fishing

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This beautiful fly fishing raccoon stands 20 inches tall. He is wearing blue denim coveralls and brown leather shoes. He is holding what appears to be a trout in his right hand and a walking stick in his left hand. He has a carrot in his chest pocket, a ladybug and a fishing fly.  A fish basket hangs off his left hip.  His 11 inch tail hangs off the back of his coveralls, a red napkin and a slingshot are stuffed in his right rear pocket with a bird nesting on the slingshot.  He is wearing a red bandana and a straw hat. His hat is home to 3 ladybugs, a red cardinal, 2 fly fishing lures and a bunch of fruit which looks like plums.
This rare limited original edition of the fly fishing called "Gone Fishing" is a collector item that will bring you years of enjoyment.