Gund - P.Lushes Pets - Ella L`Phante - 6"

$ 10.50
by Gund
  • DESIGNER FASHION PET: Ella L`Phante.  Pack up and go, go, go! Ella LPhante always has her trunk packed for her next jet-setting adventure around the world in search of good times and new friends! The gorgeous geometric patterns of her fur help her stand out in a crowded airport while her sparkling amethyst eyes stay wide-open so she never misses a thing from the window seat. With her shining rose-gold ears, hooves, and matching glitter collar, Ella's always ready to get right to adventuring the second her fashionable feet hit the ground. always has her trunk packed for her next big adventure. Geometric patterns & shining amethyst eyes help her stand out in a crowded airport!
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